Ruchi Singh

Keynote Speaker

Leadership Mentor

Talk Show Host


Meet Ruchi Singh

Ruchi Singh is an award winning Keynote Speaker and a Personal Leadership Mentor for Executives, Professionals and Corporates as well as a Talk Show Host where she primarily interviews Generals of the Indian Army.

She is a true testimony of leadership because of her personal experience as a domestic violence survivor, professional background as an HR leader and her association with the military leaders as a Talk Show Host. She now brings these three facets of leadership-personal, professional and leadership by association together in her work with clients and her speaking engagements.

She is an International Keynote speaker and has presented talks at various summits like Women Changemaker summit which had the corporate presence of organizations like Infosys, UBS, Dell, etc., which is a powerful community empowering women IT professionals in 80 countries, Fusaid Global conference in Ghana. She has also given sessions at Business Schools, at Youth Empowerment & Skills Workshop of various organizations such as The Art of Living foundation, Money Mastery Club, Toastmasters, Singapore, The Peace Agenda Summit to name a few.

Ruchi's life experience and her talks have impacted people world over. Through her work, she creates awareness about domestic violence as well as the resounding power within us that can transform our lives. She talks about Personal Leadership, Courage, Mindset, Managing Change, Resilience, Mental Wellbeing, Inclusion & Diversity and Storytelling. Ruchi has been awarded the Powerhouse Global Award, 2019 and she was also invited to serve as a Changemaker ambassador at the "She Creates Change '' programme by which is an organization having a presence in 196 countries with over 200 million followers.

“When Life Challenges Me, I say Challenge Accepted, Game on!” is Ruchi’s life principle and she walks the talk with her clients to help them live their life to their fullest potential. Her work will inspire you to rise above your current situation and live the life of healing, happiness, transformation and leadership-just like Ruchi does.


The Destiny Creator

"Please God help me!! I need your help God. You have to help me. Please!!

I was silently and desperately praying for the last few hours. I was also trying my best, not to sleep. I am sure that at this moment there are millions who are counting sheep so that they can sleep. However, I am not part of that million. I desperately want to keep awake. I am terrified to sleep. My nightmares make me live the reality my life is, only in more vivid details.

Actually, it is a catch 22. I want to run away from sleep because I want to escape my nightmares. When I sleep from exhaustion, I don’t want to wake up because reality is not much different. I want to be awake because just in case my husband decides that today is a good day to stab me, I guess, I will have a better chance of saving myself. I am petrified that my husband will kill me if I slept. When I sleep out of sheer tiredness, I get nightmares about the same"