Speaking & Mentoring

Ruchi Singh is an International Keynote speaker on Courage in Business, Personal Life, Personal Leadership, World Peace, Change, Domestic violence, Inclusion and Diversity.

"I am in the Business of Courage."

Ruchi Singh Courage is truly the first of the human virtues.  

Without it, there can be no Change, Innovation or Empowerment both in Business and Personal life. She works with her clients to enhance this quality to help them reach their highest potential as a business and personal leader. Ruchi inspires by walking the talk. Ruchi has shown courage in transforming her life both professionally and personally.

Ruchi Singh's expertise lies in -

1) Helping experts, entrepreneurs, and executives turn their message into a courageous inspiring story which builds a passionate tribe around their core message.

2) Providing Energy Enpowerment for Businesses and Individuals

As a Talk Show Host, Ruchi interviews people, particularly military leaders, who have shown leadership and courage in their life. Courage is not just limited to battlefront. It also takes courage for a student from the top business school to give up a lucrative job and become a spiritual teacher. She enjoys bringing such instances of courage and leadership to her audience with the desire to inspire them to live their life courageously too.

"We need strong courageous women like Ruchi Singh. She has taken her adversity and not only turned it to her strength, she also inspires strength in others. Her genuineness, subject knowledge, articulation, audience engagement and strong story telling ability has strong impact and influence on the listener"

Sarah Jain Marian
Trainer Dale Carnegie

It was humbling when a lady from Queensland, Australia, messaged Ruchi that her talk helped this lady to move away from a 15 year long abusive relation & restart her life. Or when a man from the USA thanked her for the counselling which helped him with his debilitating work stress.

Ruchi's Life experience, personal leadership exhibited by surviving adversity, together with decade-long HR Experience, knowledge of meditation, Pranayama and Yoga helps her to unlock the extraordinary within you.